Citizen kit for an imaginary nation, based on the idea of erasing memory.

Möbiceland Citizen Kit for Jeshep Mcviker/ENG

Upon Entering Möbiceland,
you must take a pill yo erase your desired degree of memory.

After erasing your memory, You'll get to know about Möbiceland more.
Contents: History, Geography, Language & Culture, Demographics,
Transport & Energy, Nature & Climate.

Your Möbiceland Citizen Kit will provide all your personal information,
from family members to a place to live.

Make notes in this pad to document your new Möbiceland Identity.

Keep your identity card with you at all the times.
It is your reminder of who you are.

Let your neighbors know your M-age with this identity T-shirt.
It also shows that you are a new member of Möbiceland.

Telephones are the primary mode of communication in Möbiceland.

Möbiceland Citizen Kit Book